Мод Brutal Doom v22 – старт открытого бета-теста
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  1. Офлайн
    Георгий 12 мая 2024 11:17


  2. Офлайн
    Michael Kenchington
    Michael Kenchington 1 мая 2024 22:41

    Has anybody noticed that the low-pitched version of the Howie scream from the 1980 film The Ninth Configuration appears in Brutal Doom (as of V21 Gold onwards)?

    It also appears in the SEGA commercials which aired in France as well.


  3. Офлайн
    Michael Kenchington
    Michael Kenchington 24 апреля 2024 18:56

    I like Brutal Doom, especially V22.

    It's my favourite Doom mod that i always play with either Doom 1, The Ultimate Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth and Final Doom.

    I wonder if Beta 3.7 of that mod should be coming soon, i hope?

  4. Офлайн
    Azkot 24 апреля 2024 18:24

    Версия 22 бомбезная, правда я теперь скучаю по времени когда впервые начал играть в brutal doom v21 в школе на переменах, дома на диване, на улице на лестнице. Но дробовик не привычным стал из-за того-что у него убрали зелёные кружки на прицеле

    1. Офлайн
      Michael Kenchington
      Michael Kenchington 28 апреля 2024 18:31

      I think that's because SgtMarkIV decided to revert the design of many things in Brutal Doom to be more like what they used to be in Vanilla, with Tesefy contributing to Brutal Doom v22's arsenal to produce higher quality sprites and possibly making new sprites for the Chainsaw, and i sure hope that the Nailgun could be in Brutal Doom V22 soon, don't you think?

      1. Офлайн
        Sam 28 апреля 2024 19:08

        I doubt that Mark will add new types of weapons; in my opinion, they are not needed at all, otherwise the mod will begin to turn into Project Brutality.

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